living rooms
abandoned places with lives of their own
Obsessively I seek out places that are no longer inhabited. I am simultaneously terrified of them and seduced by them. Everywhere I go, I look at buildings trying to decide if they have been left vacant, going through a mental checklist of "symptoms" and another layer of assessment to decide if the risk of attempting entry outweighs the bounty within. Often the things I imagine I might find pale in comparison to the haunting and bizarre visions I have been presented with in these spaces. Sometimes pieces of the story can be reconstructed through items left behind or research about the site, but mostly they keep their secrets to themselves.

Amongst the places you can view below: a 19th century mansion, a hotel, a slaughterhouse, a truckstop motel, several homes, a coal breaker, an asbestos factory, a train car repair warehouse, a greenhouse that grew roses, a waterworks, a couple farms, a trailer, and a sanitarium.

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